I Choose


“I Choose” Mission Statement

Along with several Clubs across the state, Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Connecticut is partnered with the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence to introduce a new campaign focused on engaging boys, and men, to make positive life choices that don’t involve violence. The campaign is called “I Choose.” It stems from the idea that violence is a choice – and with the right mentors and the right tools, boys can choose to rise above domestic violence. Together, we are working towards educating boys about making good life choices: “I Choose respect;” “I Choose not to normalize violence towards women;” “I Choose to take a stand against domestic violence.”

Youth and adult leaders receive “I Choose” training with Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer of Safe Futures. 10/15/2107

Using a youth engagement model, male community leaders – youth and adult – will work together to develop a community outreach program to encourage 100 male teens throughout our community to proudly state, “I Choose”.Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer

Adult community leaders include:

Kevin Booker, Jr.

Anthony Nolan

David Richardson

Don Rose

Ten (10) youth leaders from throughout the community are being recruited to participate in the initiative, for which the youth will receive training on making a stand against domestic violence, develop a program that enables each youth leader to impact ten (10) additional teens for an outreach total of 100 teens. Planning and implementation will occur during summer/fall 2017. In 2018 youth and adult leaders will gather with leaders from throughout the state to present their experiences and results during a state-wide symposium.

For more information, please contact info@bgcsect.org.

BGCSECT “I Choose” / 10×10 documents.